Saturday, February 22, 2014

"The Proverbs of Wisdom"

Wisdom is knowledge that must be understood
It cannot be hidden for too long or ignored.
A troubled people shall have much need of it;
Wisdom speaks through solidarity and struggle
It must be pursued daily from the mind's hidden core.

Wisdom speaks from the mouth of the “Ancient of Days”
Its words shall be made manifest to teach about life.
Arrogance and pride is devoured by its message of love;
It must change the hearts of downtrodden souls
That cries out in pain from the affliction of remorse.

Wisdom is the interpretation of inner thoughts;
It cannot be held back from a heart that speaks.
For with it a society shall yearn to be often unveiled;
Wisdom speaks through the spirit of birth and rebirth
It must be ignited by the flames of life that we seek.

Wisdom echoes down through the years in time;
With a message from the wings of an eagle that soars.
It cannot be silenced or hidden away deep in a box;
Wisdom is humanity's purpose that cannot be stopped
It’s foretold through the centuries with a destiny that roars.

Wisdom comes alive with obedience to the Father's command;
It cannot be rejected or denied as empty words unheard.
From a people that rebels against the truth when revealed;
Wisdom is the innocence of a child that's sent to be born
Its compassion and love spreads abundant joy undisturbed.

“Embrace the wisdom of life and live for eternity.”

--Devon Wilford-Said
© 2014 Revised All Rights Reserved

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