Tuesday, April 10, 2012




"The dawning of light has sprung forth into a brand new day as the sun's fluorescent rays have pierced the earth's fiery domain."
--Devon Wilford-Said
I believe that all "writers" were born as gifted people whose purpose is to create and too manipulate words!  We habitually write down our innermost thoughts on a daily basis.  And tell real life stories that have been hidden from this present day reality...deep within our imaginations until NOW at this very moment. 
The urge to create words that describe the emotions and feelings of one's life, or an imaginary life; and to impart that life on a blank sheet of paper with ink MUST not be quenched.  Through writer's blocks, daily distractions from family and friends, the Internet, TV, or from our bosses on the job screaming for that deadline article to be turned in immediately, street noises, people carousing and acting like fools, the noises from pet dogs and birds scream for our attention. 
Awwh…Hey that's an idea, we can write about people's pets, screaming bosses, and about the Internet, or partying people on the streets.  Whatever our ideas or thoughts as they come the bottom line are that we writers write because that is what we do...and we just love it! 
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