Wednesday, August 29, 2018

"Under His Feet"


I will remain humble before Him
For all things are put under His feet
How sweet is His feet!
How beautiful is His feet; I love His feet
His feet are precious; His feet are sweet
I abase and humble myself under His feet
I love His feet; His feet are glorious and lovely
Hallelujah for your feet are so sweet;
Your feet O’ my GOD—I just want to be there
To be there and right next to you
Yes, I shall be always under your feet
Always let me stay under your feet
So that I may anoint, and kiss them forever—

© 2018 All Rights Reserved DWS

Monday, August 21, 2017

Let Us Come Together

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Quiet Time Meditation and Spiritual Journal Series

Prophetic Utterance: 
Spoken through Min. Devon Wilford-Said by the Holy Spirit

Date: Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Time:  7:40 AM

Directed To: Min. Devon Wilford-Said, Founder Prophetic Teacher Biblical Instructor/Trainer
Prophetess Jacqueline Strawder-Perrera, Prophetic Teacher/Overseer Hallelujah Praise Ministries, Inc. 
(“The Church without Walls”) and unto the LORD’s Remnant the Body of Christ

The time is at hand now my daughter that my Spirit shall be poured out like rain and even the latter rain.  And showers of blessings shall flow down upon the earth as the dew upon blades of grass; and a sweet smell and a holy fragrance of my love that shall be poured down upon my people, “My Chosen!”

You are amongst the ones that shall arise with my Spirit and do great and mighty things in the earth as did my servant Elijah the Prophet.  I shall pour out of my Spirit the spark of life that will ignite the flame of eternal life. 

Rejoice O’ Daughter of Zion for the LORD shall establish His people—His “Chosen and Remnant” in the land.  He shall gather the remnant together and anoint them afresh with the great outpouring of His Spirit, says the LORD God of Hosts.  He shall set aflame the love of His heart with rain drops of fire that purifies the longing soul.  He will purge out the draught and purify seven times the souls of His people to strengthen them and equip them to stand and be holy as He is holy.  For the righteous seed shall grow up and declare with boldness what “thus says the LORD”. 

They shall perform exploits and miracles; and signs and wonders shall follow them as they proclaim, and explain “My Word.”  They shall be strengthened with might in the inner man.  They shall shine as jewels.  They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover, they shall cast out devils, they shall speak life and not death and those who are sick and afflicted shall be delivered from “spirits of infirmities,” says the LORD. 

For I shall be with them to perform the council of my will in the earth in designated places to show forth my strong arm of righteousness and to declare my mighty acts in the land unto the children of men; and my sought out shall inherit the earth

O’ Beloved Daughter’s, and my royal diadems rejoice and be glad for such a time as this.  For I shall use you to my glory, says the LORD.  And you shall perform my desires upon the earth.  You shall be my intercessors and the conduit of my hands and shall perform great acts of faith.  That men shall marvel at my greatness, and bow to my glorious name.  They shall repent of their sins that I may forgive them and heal them! 

For my servants the prophets shall prophesy!  They shall write, they shall see visions and dream dreams, they shall proclaim and explain, they shall comfort them that mourn, and they shall encourage and teach men the ways of the LORD.

I shall send them to minister love and kindness; but even so they shall warn of the pending judgments from my word that shall find those who continue on in their sin and disobedience to my commandments, says the LORD.

I shall bless you; and your house with an abundance of peace and love; and prosperity in this “season of now,” says the LORD GOD Almighty who is able to perform this.   Amen…and it shall be so!  #

Written by:
--Min. Devon Wilford-Said

© August 2015-16 All Rights Reserved

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

"The Proverbs of Wisdom"

Wisdom is knowledge that must be understood
It cannot be hidden for too long or ignored.
A troubled people shall have much need of it;
Wisdom speaks through solidarity and struggle
It must be pursued daily from the mind's hidden core.

Wisdom speaks from the mouth of the “Ancient of Days”
Its words shall be made manifest to teach about life.
Arrogance and pride is devoured by its message of love;
It must change the hearts of downtrodden souls
That cries out in pain from the affliction of remorse.

Wisdom is the interpretation of inner thoughts;
It cannot be held back from a heart that speaks.
For with it a society shall yearn to be often unveiled;
Wisdom speaks through the spirit of birth and rebirth
It must be ignited by the flames of life that we seek.

Wisdom echoes down through the years in time;
With a message from the wings of an eagle that soars.
It cannot be silenced or hidden away deep in a box;
Wisdom is humanity's purpose that cannot be stopped
It’s foretold through the centuries with a destiny that roars.

Wisdom comes alive with obedience to the Father's command;
It cannot be rejected or denied as empty words unheard.
From a people that rebels against the truth when revealed;
Wisdom is the innocence of a child that's sent to be born
Its compassion and love spreads abundant joy undisturbed.

“Embrace the wisdom of life and live for eternity.”

--Devon Wilford-Said
© 2014 Revised All Rights Reserved

Friday, February 21, 2014

“For I Will Know Him”

I will rise above ridicule and false accusations from lips that despise me for righteousness sake,
For I will know Him—
I will lift up my voice like as a trumpet to praise my God and give Him the glory before it is too late;
For I will know Him—
I will cherish each moment of the precious gift of life that was given to allow us to live each day
For I will know Him—
I will look to Him during troubled times of heartache’s pain—and humbly kneel down to Him and pray;
For I will know Him—
I will speak an encouraging word from Abba Father of His message of “love, joy, peace and hope”
For I will know Him—
I will always seek for His grace and mercy; and speak His words of life so that death can be revoked;
For I will know Him—
I will look to the hills where my help comes from and into the arms of my Beloved Savior shall I run,
For I will know Him—
I will hear His voice and know when He speaks with those piercing eyes set ablaze as fiery as the sun
For I will know Him—

--Devon Wilford-Said, Author-Poet
© 2014 All Rights Reserved