Monday, January 27, 2014

“I Say No More”

I say no more—to the senseless killings of our loved ones by gun violence and leaving behind mothers and fathers, with extended families left in tears as they weep

I say no more—to cowardly men who continuously attack and violently rape so many vulnerable young women, and innocent girls unaware—then afterwards walk away with no remorse by leaving them violated, and disheveled with torn bodies bruised and left half-naked on the streets

I say no more—to heartless people with money and in positions of power and wealth who refuses to give, and or lend a helping hand up to those that they see who may be in need

I say no more—to the self-serving bigots, uppity aristocrats, and racists with no love at all to share belching out from their hearts with their lips only contention and strife mixed with hatred, lustful desires, and only greed for more power

I say no more—to the hypocrisy of many of today’s churches who have forgotten their first love and who preach not the gospel of Jesus Christ…but for the love of money they will give up their own souls in their quest for more even at the last hour

I say no more—to the innocent children being killed by the hands of their own parents in such horrible ways as they scream out in pain but still reaching out for their love

I say no more—to those who already know “right from wrong” and “good from evil” but they continue to choose that which is wrong over that which is right; they disrespect themselves and each other with arrogance and foolish pride not knowing that one day we shall all have to give an account to Him which comes from above...

I say no more— (to be continued)

By: Devon Wilford-Said
© 2014 All Rights Reserved

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