Friday, February 7, 2014


Come Lord we need your presence each day in all that we do,
Come Lord and take us up that we may be forever with you;

Come Lord and give us grace therefore to supply all our needs,
Come Lord lead our steps that we can walk upright and succeed;

Come Lord and pour out of your Spirit upon our miserable flesh,
Come Lord and heal the brokenness of our troubled soul unrest;

Come Lord and give us peace and embrace us again within your care,
Come Lord and show us again of hidden mysteries from angels unaware;

Come Lord with your agape love and fill our hearts anew and restore,
Come Lord and increase our faith that we may serve you even the more;

Come Lord let us enter into your rest after our earthly journey has ceased,
Come Lord and be glorified for immortality has been fulfilled and is released;

Even so “Come Lord,” JESUS… #

--Devon Wilford-Said, Author-Poet
© 2014 All Rights Reserved

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